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"Ticha is a great example of the type of immigrants we should attract and make citizens. He is passionately living the American Dream and deservedly so. Ticha has been our independent consultant for over seven years. Many of our stakeholders comment to me on how great Ticha has been. He is creative, attentive, focused, smart and responsive. He is good at connecting even with strangers. As an example of his popularity, the staff joined him at a party to celebrate his citizenship in 2011. He goes above and beyond to accomplish tasks and was a recipient of the CEA Spotlight Award in 2010. I am happy to recommend Ticha as he is a man of integrity with a great future."

Gary Shapiro, President, and CEO at Consumer Technology Association

"I met Samuel Ticha at a professional conference in Arlington, TX in 2002. We envisioned a partnership between our two organizations which would enhance both organizations' ability to achieve our goals. We successfully spearheaded this partnership and remained business partners for the next 2 years. I have always been impressed by Samuel's ability to dream big while never missing a detail. He is incredibly wise and funny, and his strong ethics make him a pleasure to work with. He has extensive professional experience across many countries which allows him to relate to just about anyone. We have stayed in close contact to this day. Learning more about Samuel's courageous life journey also revealed to me where his gratitude, tenacity, creativity, and innovation come from. If we're lucky in life, we meet someone that changes our perspective because of what that person has been through. Samuel is one of these extraordinary people."
Dana Matl
Organization Development Consultant / Professor at CESA

"I can testify that Ticha is a hard-working person with great regard for results, performance, and quality. He is very innovative with an eye for detail. Except for a few, no trainer wants to come in after Ticha...he is an electrifying trainer both at national and international levels. At the end of a three-hour presentation, for instance, he sounds like he just started. I have been a close friend, schoolmate, and colleague with Ticha for over 20 years now. I do not know anyone with that much enthusiasm, an eternally positive attitude, an eternal learning attitude, and the ability to motivate individuals and very complex teams to accomplish dream goals. Most of all, Ticha has the unique ability to convert total strangers into instant friends and this explains partially why he is a stakeholder engagement guru."

Thaddius Eyong
Owner, Grempco Cameroon

"Having worked with you on a number of projects, I consider you a "Maverick". You never take a "No", for an answer. You never let conventional thinking define who you are or what you accomplish. 
I have seen you transform a project from nothing to something worth the attention of a whole nation and continent, during the African Congress of 1995. 
In fundraising, I have seen you pump fresh blood into a project that was collapsing. With your maverick skills, you turned it around, cashing in millions of dollars, without which the project would have failed. 
Were it not for your professional acumen, infinite negotiation, and team-building skills, hundreds of Cameroonians would not have benefited from the International Association of Students in Economics and Management (AIESEC) program. 
Thanks to your contributions, hundreds like me have traveled the world, contributed to the community and corporate projects, and more importantly, learned invaluable skills that are helping us to thrive internationally. 
It is with profound respect and admiration, that I offer this recommendation of you as a force to reckon with, in innovative thinking, public engagement, and high-performance leadership."


Gideon F. For-mukwai, CEM, MA 
Author, Speaker, and Trainer 
XtraMile Solutions 


"On the one hand, many a people only talk the talk. On the other hand, there are a few who actually walk the talk and set goals and achieve them. Samuel happens to be one of those few. 

It is, therefore, no surprise that he is the award winner of the highest award in two very significant global youth organizations, namely AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economics and Management) and the Junior Chamber International, Inc. Samuel has been, is, and will continue to be an infectious ball of energy, enthusiasm, and hope around the world. I strongly believe his very special stakeholder engagement skills will lead him to stardom in guiding individuals and organizations to accomplish and exceed their loftiest dreams and goals. 

I am an attorney at law, was counsel to U.S. Senate Committees for twenty years, and am a partner in a firm in one of the most important capital cities in the world. Samuel is a gifted strategist, a dedicated worker, and very much cares about others. I am proud to be one of Samuel’s mentors and friends. It is an investment he most deserves! 

Starting as an amateur social entrepreneur more than two decades ago, Samuel is a practicing professional marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, enthusiastically engaged in relevant continuous professional development and a future writer. If you need to strategically engage your stakeholders especially those with very complex and diverse backgrounds, I strongly recommend you call on Samuel. And, once stakeholders are strategically engaged and motivated, and working together, the impossible becomes possible -- everything happens like magic. Samuel is the person to get that done."
Ed Barron
Partner at Russell & Barron, Inc.
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