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The City of Hyattsville's

Department Director Offsite 


After the video and picture story below is a downloadable contract proposal at only $7000 per month for consulting one day per week,  plus your unlimited access to me. 

We become coffee, carrot, or egg faced with reality that is usually not anyone's expectations: watch or listen to coffee, carrot and egg story:  

Similarly, teams become coffee, carrot, or egg teams faced with reality that is usually not any team's expectations - see picture story below with the last picture recommending quadrant 2 - Resourceful teams and a contract proposal downloadable below  

team spirit = complex (coffee + egg + carrot ) spirit.png
egg and or carrot teams.png
coffee teams.png
choose qudrant 2 resourcefulness.png

Post director retreat, I have only met with Sandra and Laura via zoom. Chief scheduled twice but was not able to make it, even though he was the first to ask for a follow-up meeting for his department. This is not unusual at all. Most cities live in quadrant 1 and even though yours is not an exception, your team is aligned - a very rare phenomenon. Thanks to team lead Tracey for the miracle!

However, being in quadrant 1 is never a healthy place for any team. It's fighting endless fires. Omnicron and future variants will only increase the number of fires. There is already a lot of fire in the country (needless to detail here). 

Therefore you need help to keep the fires more under control so you could live more in quadrant 2. Hiring more directors will not help much from our analysis of your team. With the help of fellow consultants and the Myers Briggs company and foundation, I was able to simulate your team members in various scenarios and strongly believe you need constant but occasional support to live more in quadrant 2. You also need a consultant will multiple skills - from board and executive development to strategy, turnaround management, and project management. 

Below is the contract proposal for me to assist you one day a week and it is the best deal I have ever proposed to any client. I am using a template from a contract I have with a client who is a major lobbyist and with his permission. The contract is written to provide the city with maximum protection hence your legal team should love it. Below is also Dr. Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - I was very lucky to have him mentor me in 2002. 

Here is the contract proposal and here is Dr. Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with over 15  million copies sold as of 2004. 

Even though the formal contract says one day a week, the City Manager (ie You) will have unlimited access to me. We just cannot put such a thing in a contract for obvious reasons. During a day's time, I am capable of performing what will take an average consultant a month do to. It does not only save you time but money and most importantly, prevention of stress and burnout. And the token is only a flat fee of $7000 per month and no long-term contract is required or needed because I have 1000% confidence in my ability to produce transformational results. 

Finally, team building 101 requires the team lead to always shine otherwise no one will truly follow. This report is in line with this basic principle. So if we were to start today, you will always review every draft before a final report. If there is anything that does not make the leader shine, we delete and/or replace it. That way we promote more coffee spirit hence more short and long term results. Facts are useless unless they promote coffee spirit hence results. However, the team leader needs to know the facts so that the consultant does not replace the team leader's judgment.   

I look forward to chatting with you and your team about the rationale for this proposal. I hope you find this helpful and insightful because you deserve some support - And you may not need to hire more directors hence great savings for you!:) And if you had to hire for all the skills I have, it may require you to spend at least $50K a month... you may call or text me when any day, any time. You may also schedule as previously agreed upon:)

Thank you so much for being a one-of-a-kind coach and thank you for giving me the privilege to connect with your wonderfully aligned team:)!


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