I'm a humbled and very grateful Cameroonian American. In search of my passion, I confusedly became a jack of all trades. But I was also a surprised recipient of the highest award from every organization I ever worked for. Awards include the AIESEC.org Global Hall of Fame for coaching and mentoring, a seven-year consulting award from CTA.tech, and being named Board Leadership Fellow by NACDonline.org. So, after completing an Ivy League doctorate in board dynamics, it became crystal clear to me that I had been an unconventional dot connector all along. A humbled boardroom dot connector, I love to help with keynotes, executive coaching, team building, training and research so that you can connect the dots more often. 

                                                  AIESEC.org  Global Hall of Fame Inductee for                                                                                               Coaching & Mentoring                                   
                                                    NACDOnline.org Board Leadership  Fellow                                                                                             
                                                   JCI.org Senator                       
                                                   Distinguished Toastmaster 
                                                                        CTA.tech 10-Year Accomplishment Award

  • President & Principal, Mindfulead LLC
  • President, Black Directors Inc. 
  • Industry Board of Advisors, School of Business, American Public University
  • Member, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Tribute Committee, City of College Park, MD
  • Former President & CEO, AIESEC.org in Cameroon
  • Former VP of Public Relations, Toastmasters.org
  • Doctorate in Board Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
  • Masters, Leader-Follower Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelors, Marketing Strategy, UK
  • Research lies at the intersection of spirituality and boardroom dynamics
  • Boardroom types include Fortune 500, Startups, Public and Nonprofit
  • Spirituality includes mostly mindfulness (both Eastern Mindfulness and Christian Mindfulness), any form of meditation, prayer, or contemplation irrespective of religious orientation

 Dr. Samuel Ticha


Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  through the International Coach Federation

Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute



Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute

Global Leadership Assessment 360 through Marshall Goldsmith

MBTI® Master Practitioner through  The Center for Applications of Psycological Type, Inc. 


MBTI®  Step I & Step II Certified through The Center for Applications of Psycological Type, Inc. 


MBTI® Step III Certified through The Center for Applications of Psycological Type, Inc. 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Certified Prime Coach through the Junior Chamber International 

Certified Local Trainer (Adult Seminar Design & Delivery) through the Junior Chamber International 

Certified  National Trainer (Trainer of the Trainer for Adult Seminar Design & Delivery Training of the Trainer) through the Junior Chamber International 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner through The Tad James Co NLP

Laughter Yoga Leader through Laughter Yoga International

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