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"Ticha is a great example of the type of immigrants we should attract and make citizens. He is passionately living the American Dream and deservedly so. Ticha has been our independent consultant for over seven years. Many of our stakeholders comment to me on how great Ticha has been. He is creative, attentive, focused, smart and responsive. He is good at connecting even with strangers.


As an example of his popularity, the staff joined him at a party to celebrate his citizenship in 2011. He goes above and beyond to accomplish tasks and was a recipient of the CEA Spotlight Award in 2010. I am happy to recommend Ticha as he is a man of integrity with a great future."

Gary Shapiro,

President, and CEO at Consumer Technology Association                                           


"I have known Dr. Samuel Ticha since 1994. Back then, I was at college at the University of Buea, Cameroon. In the course of setting a local chapter of the AIESEC, an international student organization, I was advised to seek advice from Ticha. At the time, he was newly-minted AIESEC Global Hall of Fame Honoree, an honor for the most accomplished leaders of the organization.


In 2015, my life was at crossroads. I badly needed some perspective-taking. Though I was not new to the MBTI assessment, I sought Ticha 's help. He did a deep dive assessment and analysis that surpassed what I had learned 7 years earlier in Singapore. 


Last week, I sought his advice again to further clarify some new developments in my personal and professional life. Once again,  his knowledge and understanding of the issues and concepts far exceeded my needs. 


I believe Dr. Ticha brings a rare understanding of the MBTI system and he possesses a broad cultural context that lends itself to a deeper interpretation of the hidden truths in the MBTI system."


Gideon For-mukwai, EdD, CEM

Founder, SWAN Academy


"I met Samuel Ticha at a professional conference in Arlington, TX in 2002. We envisioned a partnership between our two organizations which would enhance both organizations' ability to achieve our goals. We successfully spearheaded this partnership and remained business partners for the next 2 years.


I have always been impressed by Samuel's ability to dream big while never missing a detail. He is incredibly wise and funny, and his strong ethics make him a pleasure to work with. He has extensive professional experience across many countries which allows him to relate to just about anyone. We have stayed in close contact to this day.


Learning more about Samuel's courageous life journey also revealed to me where his gratitude, tenacity, creativity, and innovation come from. If we're lucky in life, we meet someone that changes our perspective because of what that person has been through. Samuel is one of these extraordinary people."
Dana Matl
Organization Development Consultant / Professor at CESA

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Business Meeting

Board Services

  • Wharton Corporate Governance Certificate Program Program Leader

  • Board Dynamics

  • Board Recruitment

  • Board & Executive Presence

  • Board Creation 

  • Board Assessment 

  • Board Development

  • Board Retreats / Team Building 

  •  More


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Executive Coaching

  • Executive & Board Development

  • VIP Leadership Development Program 

  • Team, Tact Team & Group Coaching

  • ICF Centered Coaching

  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  •   More


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Business Conference


  • Entrepreneurs

  • Intrapreneurs

  • Extrapreneurs 

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Turnaround Consulting

  • Abandoned but Essential Projects

  • Ongoing Significant Projects in Trouble 

  • Contact Us for More Here


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Wellness Coaching

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Zen

  • Coherent Movement

  • Coherent Breathing

  • Forest Bathing

  • Coherent  Values & Love 

  • Coherent  Food & Sleep

  • Water

  • Contemplative  Silent Retreats 

  • Golden Voice of the Void

  • Equanimity Embodyment 

  • Stress Prevention Strategies

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Coherent  Environment

  • Coherent Relationships

  • Invitation Only Wellness VIP Club

  • Contemplative Leadership

  • Doing Well By Doing Good Strategies

  • Team/ Organizational Wellness

  • More 

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