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I can testify that Ticha is a hard working person with a great regard for results, performance and quality. He is very innovative with an eye for details. Except for a few, no trainer wants to come in after Ticha...he is an electrifying trainer both at national and international levels. At the end of a three-hour presentation for instance, he sounds like he just started. I have been a close friend, schoolmate and colleague with Ticha for over 20 years now. I do not know anyone with that much enthusiasm, eternal positive attitude, eternal learning attitude and the ability to motivate individuals and very complex teams to accomplish dream goals. Most of all, Ticha has the unique ability to convert total strangers into instant friends and this explains partially why he is a stakeholder engagement guru.

Eyong Eyong Thaddeus

General Administrator at Empire Media Group

Light Backdrop

I took a course in Corporate Governance from the Wharton School of Business; My instructor was Dr. Samuel Ticha; I found Dr. Ticha to be highly knowledgeable in the area of Boardroom dynamics; he is very well-versed in the subject of corporate governance. His examples and analysis were spot on.He exhibited executive presence during office hours – His responses to questions showed mastery of corporate Governance.Dr. Ticha was humble and coherent throughout the course and conducted himself gracefully. His infectious smile made the office hours always a joyous experience to look forward to.I strongly recommend Dr. Samuel Ticha

oseph Ashun P.Eng, Global Consultant

I highly recommend Dr. Samuel Ticha for his outstanding performance as the leader of the office hour in our corporate governance class at Wharton. I have enjoyed learning from Dr. Ticha and witnessing his remarkable teaching and leadership skills.
Dr. Ticha's extensive corporate governance and social responsibility experience has been invaluable to our class. He has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the subject matter and can communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. He is patient, approachable, and always willing to provide additional clarification or guidance anytime I seek it. In addition to his expertise in corporate governance, Dr. Ticha has been a fantastic mentor and role model to other students in our class and me. He is passionate about his work, and his enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious. Dr. Ticha's dedication and commitment to teaching are exemplary. He has consistently gone above and beyond his responsibilities as the office hour leader, providing individualized feedback to students and ensuring that everyone thoroughly understands the material by sometimes spending an extra two hours after our office hours.

Bassam Abraham, President/Board Member

I had the distinct pleasure of being guided by Dr Samuel Ticha while taking the Executive Presence course as part of the Global CXO program at the Wharton School of Executive Education. From the very first interaction, I found him to be passionately engaged, taking the time to introduce himself and begin building trust with the entire cohort. He took care to read each comment in our Slack channel and reply with tact, encouraging further collaboration and idea sharing. The detail with which he responded to on individual assignments and the final capstone project was other professor paid this close attention and gave this much follow up to each individual student. Needless to say, he was the main reason I absorbed the lessons in depth, he made it enjoyable! 

Beyond that, Sam has offered to be a mentor and a coach, giving more of his time and extensive experience, with the spirit of truly helping an individual on their journey of growth and advancement. He uses sophisticated techniques to engage in understanding your core and customizing his sessions to your particular needs, proactively recommending the necessary course of action, and giving generously of his wide portfolio of skills. Engaging with Sam is an experience, unlike any other you'll encounter, and the lessons you'll learn and growth you'll have is unquestionable.

I highly recommend Dr Samuel Ticha as an Executive Coach and Mentor, and if you're fortunate enough to get his time for either, or at least as a student of his teachings in a university program, you will for sure have experienced passionate leadership and transformative learning!

Nora Osman
CIO | Chief Experience Officer | VP Information Technology | Organizational & Digital Transformation Leader | Leadership Builder

 I had the pleasure of getting to know Dr Ticha as part of Wharton Executive Education’s Corporate Governance program. More recently I turned to Dr. Ticha for real life advice on board leadership and how to manage a crisis including an investigative process. 
His insights and guidance have proven to be invaluable. I highly recommend Dr Ticha for board development and coaching who in particular is able to understand and navigate the intricacies of good corporate governance across cultures and internationally. 

Andrea Debbane, Board Director

I’d like to take a moment to recognize and endorse Dr. Samuel Ticha for his exemplary leadership and compassionate coaching through a Wharton Executive Education course on Corporate Governance. I happened to be a part of a cohort of experienced professionals who benefited from Dr. Ticha’s guidance which helped me increase my skill set and maximize my professional development and continued career growth.

Dr. Ticha is a recognized subject matter expert on the topic of corporate governance and board organizational behavior, among other executive development topics. As a Corporate Governance Program Leader at Wharton, Dr. Ticha brings the right mix of theory and real-world practice to bear in his engagement with cohorts, adroitly drawing upon years of experience in both the classroom and the boardroom. Dr. Ticha’s leadership shined brightly throughout the course, exhibited in a series of discussions on several corporate governance topics as well as with his office hours, where he gave generously of both his expertise and his time. 

I appreciate the passion Dr. Ticha devotes to the subject and that he brings to the learning experience at Wharton. For those looking to level up with executive education, I enthusiastically recommend this course from Wharton Business School. And I personally recommend Dr. Ticha as your program leader.

Eric Blaylock,
Lead Human Capital Business Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Samuel Ticha as my professor during the Executive Leadership Certification Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. From the very beginning, Dr. Ticha stood out as an exceptional educator with a passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise in executive leadership and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ticha's virtual office hours were engaging and interactive, fostering an environment where every student felt comfortable asking questions and discussing their ideas. His ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm made the learning experience truly memorable.

What sets Dr. Ticha apart, however, is his genuine interest in the personal and professional growth of his students. Over the course of the program, he took the time to get to know me and understand my ambitions as an entrepreneur. He has since been coaching me in executive presence and entrepreneurship, providing valuable guidance, insights, and support to help me navigate the challenges of launching my own business.

Dr. Ticha's dedication to fostering the success of his students is truly commendable, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him. I am confident that his expertise, passion, and commitment to helping others succeed will continue to make a lasting impact on future students and professionals alike.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Samuel Ticha as an exceptional professor, coach, and mentor. His influence has been invaluable in my entrepreneurial journey, and I am confident that he will continue to inspire and guide others on their path to success.


Freisa Davila, Creative Executive | Award-Winning Producer | Leadership Advocate


Professor Ticha guided us in the Corporate Governance course, where he shared fundamental background knowledge about the theories regarding those topics and other complementary materials but also brought up-to-date practical cases regarding Corporate Governance that supported me in consolidating my learning so as to evaluate those practical examples to bring them into the board dynamics. Professor Ticha supported us far beyond the expected during the course and added value by taking advantage of engaging the most experienced professionals in the audience so as to develop students like me. I look forward to attending another course with Ticha.


Fernando Klein, Operations Manager.


Dr Ticha not only teaches but has a way of fishing out one’s thoughts in manner that charts a path to a destination that may have not been clear to his student. I recommend him if you want to crystallise your goal and have a clear pathway to follow. Thanks Dr Ticha! 

Mapula Tumelo Thema

Dr Samuel Ticha is an inspirational program leader of the Course of "Executive Presence & Influence" at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has shared great insights about persuasive communication through personal narrative, presence, and poise and strategies to cultivate valuable relationships and leverage networks effectively. It is a great pleasure, fruitful and funny participating in his virtual sessions! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Lizbeth Arias Barroso MD, Psychiatrist, Exec-MBA 


I am delighted to write this recommendation for Dr. Samuel Ticha. Dr. Ticha has been our program guide at the Wharton Executive Education for the course “Executive Presence and Influence”. I find him meticulously practicing what he preaches. His leadership qualities include poise, empathy, diversity and inclusion (D&I), authenticity, consensus building, people empowerment, and a lot more. He conducts the office hours with much dexterity, tolerance, and excellent listening skills. I recall this empowerment quote from one of his sessions- “Be in the company of people, where you want to grow your career. Want to be a CEO? Roam amongst CEOs!" Well said Dr. Ticha! I wish you much success in keeping Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy alive. Let’s keep chasing the flame! #MartinLutherKing

TJ Vatsa
Senior Director, Professional Services Architecture, Member Office of the CTO- Global Field at VMware | Wharton CTO Program


White Background

Dr. Ticha was a wonderful coach! In just a short amount of time, he opened my eyes to areas that I needed to develop and strengths I needed to lean into. He was also a great sounding board as I worked through situations out loud, and provided an excellent perspective on the nature of business. Highly recommend partnering with Dr. Ticha on your leadership goals!

Rebecca (Fink) Rogers, M.Ed.


It is a privilege to write this recommendation for Dr. Samuel Ticha. Dr. Ticha served as my professor for The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School certification program: "Corporate Governance, Maximize Your Effectiveness in the Boardroom."
Dr. Ticha exemplified complete mastery of the subject matter and established himself as one of the leading professors in the world on corporate board governance. He possess unique charisma, brilliant leadership, caring and selfless toward his students, and impeccable character going far beyond his teaching responsibilities to be a valued, sensitive resource to each student.
His command of some sixty students was absolutely magnificent, drawing out our talents, facilitating our participation, and motivating all of us to work collaboratively in class and in our future boardrooms.
In sum, Dr. Ticha is one of those great ones who rarely come into our lives. His class was the most gratifying educational experience I have ever had. No superlatives are too high for this incredible man. 


Drew Mahalic, JD

Corporate Board of Directors: ESG, Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Contracts, Partnerships, Crisis Management, Thought Leadership, Wharton Board of Directors Certification || NFL Veteran


I met Samuel Ticha at a professional conference in Arlington, TX in 2002. We envisioned a partnership between our two organizations which would enhance both organizations' ability to achieve our goals. We successfully spearheaded this partnership and remained business partners for the next 2 years. I have always been impressed by Samuel's abilty to dream big while never missing a detail. He is incredibly wise and funny, and his strong ethics make him a pleasure to work with. He has extensive professional experience across many countries which allows him to relate to just about anyone. We have stayed in close contact to this day. Learning more about Samuel's courageous life journey also revealed to me where his gratitude, tenacity, creativity, and innovation come from. If we're lucky in life, we meet someone that changes our perspective because of what that person has been through. Samuel is one of these extraordinary people.


Dana Matl, Co-Founder / Managing Director at Fierce Fruit


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