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"I found Dr. Ticha to be highly knowledgeable in the area of Boardroom dynamics; he is very well-versed in the subject of corporate governance. His examples and analysis were spot on."
Joseph Ashun,
Global  Con

Dr. Ticha brings the right mix of theory and real-world practice to bear in his engagement with cohorts, adroitly drawing upon years of experience in both the classroom and the boardroom.."

Erick Blaylock, Human Capital Consultant

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Welcome to Dr. Samuel Ticha's   "Propelled Power of Presence."


. . . Happiness is a universal pursuit, encompassing fulfillment in our basic needs and relationships... Often, this pursuit involves work, creating a seeming dichotomy between financial abundance and true happiness. My journey below unfolds as a testament to breaking this dichotomy, hopefully inspiring you and your team(s) toward the harmonious union of enduring success and happiness through the Propelled Power of Presence. 


Dr. Samuel Ticha's Presence: 


“Nanoseconds to Live” 

to the

"Propelled Power of Presence"

From coaching student leaders in to entrepreneur leaders in and board members in the private and public sectors, my journey has been diverse. At the same time, it has consistently and unconsciously relied on the Propelled Power of Presence. Even though I trained coaches worldwide, my outcomes consistently surpassed those of my trainees, leaving me unable to fully articulate the reasons behind my uncommon results. For instance, Two global awards ( Global Hall of Fame & and Senator) puzzled and stunned me until a life-altering moment in a foreign airport under political turmoil condensed time into nanoseconds.

In that chaos, a client emerged in a bulletproof van, not only saving a life but also elevating our coaching bond. This near-death experience provided an exceptional second chance to life, a precious moment that I will forever cherish. It shifted my perspective, solidifying my commitment to infuse every moment with wonder and meaning. The profound action of my client that shielded me from thunderous gunshots, meant the world to me. In my unwavering dedication to coaching, I found boundless and mysterious joy in the selfless act of guiding others.


Little did I know that amidst the countless moments of interdependent growth, a client would emerge as an unexpected life savior, adding a beautiful twist to the tapestry of our connection.  The transformative journey of my client unveiled the deep-seated influence of my ingrained presence—a quality unknowingly nurtured by my father since childhood.  Witnessing this realization has been a heartfelt affirmation of the enduring power of genuine connection and shared experiences.

This incident marked a turning point, leading me on a journey to articulate and teach the Propelled Power of Presence. After a rigorous education, including multidisciplinary certifications, a Chief Learning Officer Executive Masters in Leader-Follower Presence, and a Chief Learning Officer Executive Doctorate in Board Presence from the University of Pennsylvania, I consciously embraced the 'Propelled Power of Presence' as my coaching model or framework:


According to Dr. Samuel Ticha, “Presence is a resourceful state that serves as a superabundant source or some sort of insurance for high performance and mindful behaviors. With the Propelled Power of Presence, clients develop vitality or the feeling of aliveness, equanimity, clarity, courage, compassion, certainty, and momentum, to confidently and consistently navigate key and cyclic challenges such as strategic planning, leadership, time, process, and money management, progressively achieving mastery with lesser and lesser effort ... at work, at home or in spaces in-between ..."

Drawing on decades of global experience and education in presence, including accidental and immersive years of monkhood fellowships in monastic settings, embodied neuroscientific lab immersions, unconscious indoctrination from my father, and guidance from mentors like Echart Tolle, I empower leaders to master the art and science of the Power of Propelled Presence — influencing perceptions, leading conversations, and actively listening for decisive results. In particular, I guide CEOs, c-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and board members from all sectors toward mindful behaviors and their path to fulfilled high performance, supporting them in their journey to

(1) develop the ability to influence how situations are perceived, ensuring that they not only articulate their perspectives but also empower others to express their voices;


(2) excel in managing the conversational environment, creating a space conducive to meaningful dialogue;


(3) actively listen to discern the compelling future trajectory of their organization;


(4) leverage the cyclical essence of most things by detecting, taking advantage of, and redesigning patterns; and


(5) shift from dichotomic thinking, dichotomic feelings, and dichotomic action to equanimous thinking, equanimous feelings, and equanimous action.    

You may have noticed that I redesigned my "Nanoseconds to Live Moment" as a priceless blessing in disguise. It opened the door to a journey of self-discovery and fulfilled high performance. However, sustaining results hinges on maintaining the Propelled Power of Presence. Achieving this demands a lifelong commitment to the Propelled Power of Presence until it becomes second nature.


My coaching is a transformative journey towards sustaining the Propelled Power of Presence, where each moment progressively and effortlessly becomes a canvas for extraordinary achievements.  And now, knowing my story, I'm curious if you have a "Nanoseconds to Live" moment of your own to share. Let's connect, for in sharing and redesigning our stories, we can find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and together, embark on our interdependent journeys of sustained, and fulfilled high performance. To download a copy of my story, I am honored to invite you to share your story with me HERE.

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            Presence Professor of Practice:                     Speaking, Training, Facilitation, Coaching
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Cornell University Digital Transformation Facilitator

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