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"I found Dr. Ticha to be highly knowledgeable in the area of Boardroom dynamics; he is very well-versed in the subject of corporate governance. His examples and analysis were spot on."
Joseph Ashun,
Global  Con

Dr. Ticha brings the right mix of theory and real-world practice to bear in his engagement with cohorts, adroitly drawing upon years of experience in both the classroom and the boardroom.."

Erick Blaylock, Human Capital Consultant

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Nanoseconds To Live!


. . . In the grand tapestry of life, there are moments that stand as testaments to the resilience of the human spirit, and my story is a testament to just that.


It was a day that started like any other, but little did I know that I would soon find myself at the crossroads of fate, in the heart of a foreign airport shrouded in political turmoil.

In those surreal moments, the air thick with tension, and the echoing gunshots like thunder in my ears, I felt as if time had condensed into mere nanoseconds.


It was a whirlwind of suddenness, smoke, sounds, and smells that overwhelmed every sense, and in that chaos, it felt like my very existence hung by the slimmest thread ... like nanoseconds to live!

Just when the darkness seemed insurmountable, a beacon of hope emerged. One of my coachees, a symbol of unwavering courage, materialized from the thick, suffocating smoke, inside a bulletproof van.


In that moment, a life was saved, and a bond was forged that would transcend the ordinary bounds of coaching.

Later that day, as the dust settled and the gravity of our shared experience sank in, my coachee opened his heart to me.


He revealed that I represented not only a miraculous transformation in his life but also in the lives of his entire family. It was a realization that went beyond words; it was a profound moment of connection and gratitude.

This unforgettable incident was not just a turning point but a mutual transformation, both for my coachee and for me.


It was a second chance at life, a reminder of the preciousness of every moment, and the power of human connection to overcome even the darkest of hours.

As I reflect upon that pivotal day, it reinforces my unwavering commitment to my calling. I am not just a coach; I am a lifelong transformative educator, dedicated to illuminating the path of growth and empowerment.


But I am also a humble and dedicated lifelong learner, for every encounter, every experience, has the potential to be a catalyst for transformation.

So, as you embark on your journey with me, know that you are not just signing up for coaching; you are embracing a transformative experience.


My story is a testament to the extraordinary potential that lies within each of us, waiting to be awakened.


Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment, and who knows, perhaps you too will find your own moment of miraculous transformation.

Welcome to a world where miracles happen, where every second counts, and where your journey is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary.

After Two Weeks of Hiding From Random Flying Bullets on The Outskirts of The City ... 

As soon as he noticed me at the airport under gunfire, his decision to save my life was instant. Yet, he did so knowing full well that his own life was also in imminent danger. It was an act of incredible courage and selflessness that spoke volumes about his character.

Amidst the chaos, he shared stories of our past encounters. He still had pictures that we had taken the last time we met at an airport in another country, where I came to see him off on his way to a life-changing fellowship. It was a trip that had jumpstarted his career, and he credited much of his success to our coaching and mentoring prior to the fellowship.

At that moment, I realized that my impact reached far beyond what I had initially comprehended. I had touched the lives of over 8,000,000+ individuals in 100+ countries, yet I hadn't been fully aware of the extent of my influence. All I knew was that I genuinely enjoyed what I was doing, but now I understood that I had been a catalyst for transformation in the lives of many.

In the midst of danger and uncertainty, our shared experiences deepened our connection, and I became acutely aware of the profound ripple effect that coaching and mentorship can have on individuals and their families. It was a humbling revelation that added even greater purpose and meaning to my calling as a transformative educator.

As I emerged from those two weeks of hiding, I carried with me not only a renewed sense of purpose but also a profound appreciation for the unexpected ways in which our lives intertwine and impact one another. Our story was a testament to the enduring power of human connection, even in the face of the darkest challenges."

My passion was coaching and guiding young individuals, including recent graduates and budding entrepreneurs, on their life journeys. I relished helping them discover their unique life GPS and providing them the tools to set their course with unwavering momentum.

I vividly remember that fateful day when I had just arrived to coach recent graduates and students at a prestigious university. Back then, I may not have fully grasped my own life GPS, but what I did know was that my work was mostly infused with infectious laughter and an overwhelming sense of joy.

Whether it was engaging with global boardrooms through cultural exchanges or building momentum through various strategic fellowships, there was always an abundance of laughter and excitement.

Today, these cherished qualities remain an inseparable part of who I am, albeit with a twist. Nowadays, my work is mostly involved with personal presence, leader-follower presence, executive presence, and board presence. The spirit of laughter and enthusiasm endures, as I now know my WHY ...

Before my life-altering near-death experience, I was living my dream with boundless joy and wholehearted dedication.

Today, I've discovered that the more I share the transformative power of presence, the more it multiplies, weaving our lives together in beautiful and mysterious ways ... 

Looking into the rearview mirror of my life, I still see the "Nanoseconds to Live Moment" as a pivotal turn on my life's GPS. There were other challenges, both before and after that fateful day, but none have had such a profound impact on me. It was during that moment, as time hung by the slimmest thread, that I found a second chance at life.

In the aftermath of that life-altering experience, I began a daily practice of gratitude. It became my compass, guiding me towards a new way of life filled with joy and purpose. Gratitude, I discovered, was the catalyst for transformation, an invaluable tool that transcended cost or circumstance.

As I delved deeper into this practice, I stumbled upon a broader concept known as presence. It's a beautiful tapestry of practices that add fun and meaning to our lives. It includes embracing childlike wonder, finding joy in the everyday, and even reshaping the stories we tell ourselves about our past experiences like my "Nanoseconds to Live Moment."

This journey led me to the dual degree, multidisciplinary Chief Learning Officer Executive Doctorate Program (PennCLO) at the University of Pennsylvania, where I explored personal, leader-follower, team, organizational, and board presence. It's in this exploration that I discovered my crystal clear calling - to inspire and share the profound transformative impact of presence with the world.

Today, I'm more obsessed than ever with living and sharing the magic of presence. I've witnessed the joyful and transformative power it holds, both in my life and in the lives of those I've had the privilege to connect with. But there's one cardinal rule I follow: I must be having fun before I share any presence practice, for joy is truly contagious.

So, I look back at my "Nanoseconds to Live Moment" as a priceless blessing in disguise. It opened the door to a journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection. And now, knowing my story, I'm curious if you have a "Nanoseconds to Live Moment" of your own to share. Let's connect, for in sharing our stories, we can find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and together, embark on a journey filled with joy, purpose, and presence.

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Presence Professor of Practice

Board & Executive Advisory

Transformational Performance Coach

Doctoral Degreed Chief Learning Officer

DISSERTATION: Board Presence

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